Ropata Lodge


 I know when I walked in here that this was the place for me. I am very well cared for and the staff are simply wonderful. I am very happy living here.

Anne Henry

I was not coping at home when I got pneumonia so I came into Ropata Lodge for 2 weeks of respite care and loved it so much I stayed – in fact, I knew after 1 week that I wanted to stay.  Everyone is so good to me here – kindness itself.  I am very happy.

Barbara McCabe

I find it great living here.  
I think the staff are extremely lovely and nice.  
We’re looked after beautifully

June Ericson

I am very happy here – my family and I think it was definitely the right decision to come here. I am very satisfied with the caring attitude that the staff show towards all of us here. The activity programme is thoroughly worthwhile and caters for our needs. The food is very good too.

Grace Wood

Ropata Lodge is like a 5 Star Hotel but very homely.  I love all the activities that are run during the week.  I am looked after in all areas.  It’s fantastic that I can put out my laundry in the morning and it’s back later in the day.  I can’t complain about anything.  Everything you ask for is here.

Denis Cody

I came to Ropata Lodge because of the great team work and the size of the units.  I love having my own furniture in my unit so my grandkids can relate to my surroundings.  The meals are wonderful and the everyday activities are wide and varied.

Raewyn Nelson

Ropata Village


Living in the Village couldn’t be better. Always liked living here but it was a bit uneasy for a while and now since the new management, it’s back to the old days. They make us feel like we are a part of the family. I have no complaints.

Mavis Howie

The new management had a difficult situation which they made very easy for us. Things were bound to be different. I’m sure everything possible has been done to make us comfortable. The more we get to know the management and staff, the more things are becoming easier. I am very happy at the moment.

Nora Bell